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About Innovative Women's HealthCare Solutions

The Innovative Women's Diagnostic Center

The Innovative Women’s Diagnostic Center is a fully accredited, physician-owned imaging center that aims to close the gap on women's access to mammography screening by offering digital screening and diagnostic mammography, as well as breast sonograms to completely evaluate breast masses. Additionally, thyroid, pelvic (gyn), and obstetric ultrasounds are offered to cover all of the needs of young women, expectant mothers, perimenopausal women, and beyond. Of note, these services are delivered in a spa-like environment where sights, sounds, and aroma all combine to alleviate the anxiety that typically accompanies these exams. This is in keeping with the "Innovative Way."

The Fibroid and Reproductive Care Center

The Fibroid and Reproductive Care Center was established in 2012 to care for women suffering from the heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, and problematic pregnancies that accompany this condition. Another main focus is to educate our clients about the unnecessary high rates of hysterectomies performed to treat this common but benign condition. At The Fibroid and Reproductive Care Center, we work with you to not only treat fibroids but to prevent their growth and recurrence using healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Dr. Miller-Thrasher combines a combination of natural remedies: high dose vitamin D, avoidance of phthalates, and remedies not yet routinely available for a uniquely holistic approach to this condition. When surgery is needed, minimally-invasive options remain our procedure of choice. Dr. Miller-Thrasher has authored a book that takes the confusion out of managing your fibroids. “The Innovative Woman’s Guide to Managing Fibroids Without Hysterectomy” is available in hard copy and e-books.

The Medspa at Innovative Surgical Arts

Dr. Miller Thrasher has 25 years of surgical experience, and cutting edge formal clinical fellowship training, in cosmetic surgery. She has an award-winning bedside manner, which makes her uniquely qualified to artfully transform her patients into a more beautiful version of their natural selves. From Mommy-Makeovers to Botox/Fillers and PRP to Liposuction or Vaginoplasty to using Radio Frequency for skin tightening and the many other therapies available, the MedSpa at Innovative Surgical Arts has just what it takes to Artfully Transform you back to your “Best Self”.

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